The Right Speaker For You?

    Ever found yourself in a FUNK?  Professionally, personally, physically or emotionally stuck in the mud? Then you need the POWER to pull yourself out ... the 'POTAMUS POWER! We all hit speed bumps along the road of life and we feel the story of our life is headed in the wrong direction. King will provide action steps to work through these uncontrollable trials and tribulations in life and conquer negativity with 'Potamus Positivity!

    Like most people, King has experienced rock bottom ... and he believes in using those rocks (and any other tool available) to climb back up ...

    Negatives to Positives ... Hippo to 'Potamus

    Brutally honest and frequently funny (he did tour the country as a stand-up, after all), King believes in changing the story we tell ourselves with one that is closer to the truth ... that any of us can accomplish anything we set our minds to. King will leave your attendees with an experience they will talk about long after the event is done ... and more importantly, the drive to TAKE ACTION!

    Unique & Powerful

    King customizes his speeches to best suit the specific needs of your company or organization, meeting theme and desired results. We conduct a scheduled conference call with you and your people to find out exactly what you are looking for and then build a unique presentation, specially designed just for your group. He's a perfect fit for conferences, business organizations, fitness & weight loss organizations, leadership conventions & workshops, associations & chambers, and faith-based programs.

    Encourage.  Inspire.  Support.


    Own Your LIfe

    Promoting health and wellness has often been a tough sell, until now. King promotes an easy to do, low impact, fat burning and lean muscle building program. It’s called DDP Yoga (DDPY), and it will inspire you to be healthier, more productive, and focused.

    Anyone Can Do It

    DDP Yoga (DDPY) is a valuable tool that will increase your ability to stay alert, retain information presented, and apply new ideas immediately. King will outline a simple, yet comprehensive plan to implement DDP Yoga into your action plan for success.

    Feel the Bang!

    King will personally take the group through a DDPY workout during the breakout portion of this presentation.

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