Always Challenge Yourself ...

    Weeks away from my 49th birthday I gave myself a new challenge ... to train and compete in amatuer sumo. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Especially when you consider that I haven't any real experience in combat sports (at least not since high school in the 80s), don't have a nearby sumo club to train at or a local mentor to learn from and already have an overloaded schedule including expecting a child within months. Seems like a perfect time to smash my body into somebody twice my size.

    But I'm a big believer in challenging myself and pushing myself into new and difficult directions. I've long been a fan of sumo, catching NHK broadcasts here and there and watching old matches on YouTube, but didn't realize that the world of US Sumo is as vibrant as it ever has been. So, as 2018 wound to a close, I travelled out the New Orleans to meet up with my new friends at Welcome Mat Sumo in LaPlace, LA to get my feet wet ... and it was AWESOME!

    So ... I will use this page to chronicle my new adventures in a realm most would say I have no business in. I hope you'll check in every once in a while and follow this adventure.

    King Warren, January 12 2019

    Learn More About Welcome Mat NOLA in LaPlace LA

    Welcome Mat NOLA is a an affiliate of Welcome Mat Judo. Founded in 1969 by Steve Scott in Kansas City, MO. NOLA Edition brings judo and sumo to LA. 

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